Mar 25, 2020

New Work: Imagia

Imagia is a Montreal-based healthcare and technology company creating an ecosystem of AI-powered software, clinical research expertise, and partnerships across hospitals, universities, and industry to develop and scale solutions to some of the most challenging problems in medicine.

Our collaboration with Imagia took us to Montreal for a crash course to understand how clinical research was conducted in hospitals and how machine learning could be applied to a range of problems, from ingesting hospital-wide data sets, to transforming clinical research notes through natural language processing, to identifying cohorts for clinical testing.

We worked with Imagia to envision a new user experience for their core software platform. As a result of our work and understanding of their technology, business, and user needs, we also helped create and launch a new, telling a more complete story of the business and technology innovation. Our trips to Montreal also provided some great opportunities to experience the culture and food of that great city!

Check out the case study and take a look at